Day 1 of the League of Legends Super League: chronicle, summary, results and classification

With the first day of the League of Legends Super League, along with the Nexus League, competition has returned to the national scene. At least if we talk about LoL, since VALORANT has been with us for a while through Rising. Be that as it may, today the spotlight was taken by the MOBA from Riot Games, which once again demonstrated why it is one of the most watched and played games in the world with a heart-stopping first day.

BISONS ECLUB vs. bara esports



The first match pitted the Marhoder bisons against the Barcelona club. The first ones start as favorites thanks to their great ability to adapt to the goal. At least if we are guided by the precedents of last season. Nevertheless, the blaugranas were not by the work. Thus, they ruled the roost for much of the match, putting pressure on their opponents thanks to such powerful (and annoying) picks as Yuumi and K’sante.

To their misfortune, a series of bad decisions ended up condemning them before their rival success; BISONS, very attentive, knew how to punish rival mistakes until they recovered the disadvantagepositioning himself ahead in the final minutes until closing the game.

Fnatic TQ vs. Movistar Riders



The second map was somewhat more even, although Fnatic was always one step ahead on Summoner’s Rift. Well planted on the map, they secured almost all neutral objectives, taking the Soul of the Tech-Chemical Dragon thanks to better map reading and planning. With that in mind, it seemed clear that victory would go to them.

To your misfortune, a great play by Isma (theft by Nashor) gave Movistar Riders the necessary push to regain some of the lost ground. With a good hunting setup, the riders began to drown their rivals (with an Elder Dragon in the process) until they came back from the match and signed the 1-0.

Rebels Gaming vs. jokers



Jokers had it all to get their first win of the season. Far ahead in the gold marker (they had more than 5K advantage) and with a great superiority on the map, plthey planted the seeds of victory with good plays and a superb Akre. The jungler, in good company with a highly-fed Wuk Kong, carried his team in the air… until the throweadas took control of the Rift.

With an erratic approach and a certain lack of security, they ended up giving up a map quite a lot in their favor after losing the Dragon Soul and getting carried away in a couple of negative teamfights that ended up being final… in a bad way.

Heretics vs. giants



Encounter with quite a few action sequences and a fairly even score throughout the early and mid. Both teams, with experience as a weapon, set up a quiet game where the scale played in favor of the giants. Being aware of the situation, the heretics proposed more aggressive plays during the first few minutes, but it didn’t work out entirely for them.

The Giants patiently bided their time, pulling off a very positive team fight during a fight in the dragon. from there, the scaling played more and more in his favorLittle by little, suffocating their rivals until leaving them without any option with a soul against them and an almost incontestable pressure on all lines.

Finework KOIs vs. UCAM



The last match of the night pitted the Ibai tents against UCAM. Both made new faces and recovered old sensations when facing acquaintances, such as Hatrixx; the midlaner, who was in KOI during the first season, was facing his former team, although without much luck. While it is true that the map started more or less evenly, KOI gradually established their lead on the Rift thanks to the good performance, among others, of Lucker.

Slowly, but surely, they built on that lead, putting smart pressure on almost the entire map. UCAM, yes, did not stay to see them coming, since they responded with proactive plays in almost the entire map. After a good play in bot, in fact, they put the match again, leaving the match at a halfway point. From there, UCAM stepped on the gas, securing the Nashor and taking an ‘easy’ victory in the last few minutes against a KOI far lost on the map.

Results and classification of the Super League

  • BISONS ECLUB defeats Bara eSports.
  • Fnatic TQ loses against Movistar Riders.
  • Rebels Gaming wins over Jokers.
  • The Heretics lose to the Giants.
  • UCAM outperforms KOI.

Day 2 schedules

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