Day 1 of the Storm Circuit and the Nexo League live

Sand the wait is over: The best League of Legends returns together with the Super League and the Storm Circuit, the latter being the protagonist of this entry along with its Nexus League. And with good reason, everything is said, since it is one of the largest amateur League of Legends projects at an international level and the most prominent in the entire country.

Day 1 of the Storm Circuit and the Nexo League Live

Today we can enjoy up to six different matches. boot with the Magna Esports vs UCAM eSports Academy, followed by Yaurus Club vs. Kawaii Kiwis. Undoubtedly, two of the most interesting maps, since between them are some of the favorites of this season.

However, they cannot rest on their laurels, since they are not the only contenders for the ‘title’. Both Bis eSports and TDC eSports have a lot to say about it, just like ECORP and Gaming Oxygen. These, in fact, will star in the third and fourth map of the afternoon, respectively.

To end, Phlox Gaming and StormBringers they will delight the spectators with the last meeting of the afternoon; They will be the ones responsible for closing the afternoon and putting the finishing touch to the first of many -luckily- days.

What is the Storm Circuit

Following its official description, we can say that the Storm Circuit is “an official Riot Games product where the biggest League of Legends, VALORANT and League of Legends: Wild Rift competitions that take place in Spain are held”.

As they themselves indicate, almost anyone can try to qualify and participate in it, although not only in League of Legends, but also in VALORANT and / or Wild Rift. “If you are looking to test yourself and enjoy competing with your friends or teammatesyou just have to register and fill in your information to sign up for any active competition of your favorite game.

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