Discover which are the ten best-selling video game franchises in history

The names of the most successful series and franchises in the history of electronic entertainment are linked to playful proposals that we have known for many years. At least that is shown by the figures updated by VGChartz, a platform specialized in monitoring game and console sales around the world, which, in the first instance, reveals that ‘Tetris‘, the formula programmed by Alekséi Pázhitnov launched in June 1984 remains king once again, immediately followed by such different formats as ‘Pokemon‘ Y ‘call of duty‘.

pokemon closes the gap

‘Tetris’, the Soviet creation that is played with tetrominoes, accumulates almost 500 million units sold and although it is the title that practically always occupies the highest place in this type of list, you should be careful, because ‘Pokémon’ continues to grow non-stop . The franchise that originally began as an RPG video game has managed to expand to other entertainment media such as television series, movies, card games, and clothing, among others.

A little over a year ago, ‘Pokémon’ appeared in fourth place with 386 million, but in 2022 it has grown very sharply with two releases that have obtained a lot of commercial performance. Is about ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ Y ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Purple‘. In its entirety, the franchise that made its debut in 1996 on the Game Boy has already sold more than 450 million copies.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple – Trailer

The great jewel of Activision, ‘call of duty‘, with dozens of titles published, it reaches 400 million games sold. In fact, the war series is one of the youngest brands on the campus, since its journey began in 2003 with the arrival in the world of ‘Call of Duty’ for PC. But when we talk about the best-selling game in history, ‘GTA V‘ continues to skyrocket with 170 million units. Without dwelling too much, we now list the best-selling franchises in video game history in millions of units:

  1. ‘Tetris’ – 496.40 million
  2. ‘Pokémon’ – 452.94 million
  3. ‘Call of Duty’ – 400 million
  4. ‘Super Mario’ – 394.96 million
  5. ‘Grand Theft Auto’ – 385 million
  6. ‘FIFA’ – 325 million
  7. ‘Minecraft’ – 238 million
  8. ‘LEGO’ – 203.22 million
  9. ‘Assassin’s Creed’ – 200 million
  10. ‘The Sims’ – 200 million

Although the list ends here, just below ‘The Sims’, at number 11, is ‘final fantasy‘, a franchise that was born in 1987 created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed, distributed and owned by Square Enix (Squaresoft). The series has been remarkably successful commercially and is Square Enix’s most profitable brand. In relation to ‘Minecraft’, it is the only one in the registry that has a single reference title -although it also has ‘Minecraft Dungeons’-, in addition to being the youngest franchise on the list with its first version of the game released in 2011.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – PS5 and Xbox Series X|S


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