How to disable text chat in Overwatch 2

While Overwatch 2 is a game that places a heavy emphasis on teamwork, it also has one of the most toxic communities out there. As nice as the game is, when things go wrong, there are plenty of people who will take their frustration out on you if they think you’re underperforming in any way. In short, it’s not worth the stress of playing a video game and letting people affect your state of mind. This is how you can turn off text chat and prevent them from contacting you.

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How to mute text chat in Overwatch 2

There are two ways to prevent seeing text chat in Overwatch 2. First, if all you want to do is disable text chat for a single match, open the menu and go to Social. This will immediately put you on a page where you can see the full list of lobby and communication options. To stop seeing text messages from a certain player, click the chat bubble next to their name. If you want to turn it off from the match or team channel, click the chat bubble on the left.

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If you’re tired of closing the channel for every match, you can make a more permanent change to your settings. In the main menu, open your Options and go to the Social tab. Enter the Text Chat category and you will see the following options.

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We strongly recommend disabling Match Text Chat. There is nothing positive you can get from talking to the enemy team in a game. You’ll probably want to keep group text chat on so you can text your friends who aren’t talking, and team text chat will largely adapt to your preferences. With the ping system now in Overwatch 2, you can easily get all the communication you need to get in without being belittled and attacked by people you don’t know.


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