I have tried the best monitor to play League of Legends, and it is an ideal all-rounder for gaming

Aggressive design and full of lighting and sound that will resonate with the great fans of the MOBA from Riot Games.

I have tried the best monitor to play League of Legends, and it is an ideal all-rounder for gaming
This monitor is made by and for League of Legends fans.

It had been years since I dusted off the account of League of Legends, but this monitor has made me re-install the game. I have accumulated too many hours that I would like to confess, but of course, with this model it has been the time I have enjoyed the experience the most.

The AOC Agon Pro AG275QXL has a design and marketing especially aimed at League of Legends players, but its capabilities they go much further. In the following paragraphs I tell you my experience using it in Summoner’s Rift and in other types of games and applications.

Monitor AOC Agon Pro League of Legends

First division technical specifications

First we are going to take a little time to talk about the specifications, because whether you are a fan of LoL or not, you have to admit that this monitor is a real pass. Have 27 inches, which to me is the perfect size for a main desktop monitor. It has a 2560×1440 pixel QHD resolutionwhich accompanies with a system of Vesa Certified High Dynamic Range HDR DisplayHDR 400. All this gives you spectacular quality and a unique contrast with 1.07 billion colors range, almost nothing.

AOC Agon Pro Monitor Front View Display

The AOC Agon Pro Screen offers you a visual experience of category

It is a gaming monitor, and of course it meets the expectations of the most gamers. Has a 170 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, you won’t notice any kind of delay on this screen. And all this seasoned with synchronization technology Adaptive Sync of the monitor and FreeSync Premium AMD certified. On a technical level it is a fantastic monitor, with which you can play anything and enjoy it to the fullest with a premium fidelity.

Aggressive and daring design, focused on gamers

The design is very, very gamer. This AOC monitor is clear about its audience, and not exactly discreet. Have a design inspired by Hextech technology of League of Legends, which fuses magic with science and is embodied in the form of polygonal ornaments in gold located on the back of the monitor. The base is circular, with the LoL logo printed in the center and a set of led lights that you can control to your liking and that react to the game.

The base of the AOC Agon Pro Base in the dark

The monitor base lights up and reacts to your activity within LoL

The arm that joins the screen with the base is articulated, and I liked it a lot mobility and softness that is perceived when adjusting it. The most normal thing would be to use this monitor as the main one in a setup, but if you have an alternative configuration in mind, it can also work as a secondary monitor. In the office we have tried it both vertically and horizontally, and the results have been good in both cases. Aesthetically, for my taste, it’s somewhat burdensome, but if you like colors and the “gaming” aesthetic, you’ll love it.

If you like League of Legends, it’s made for you.

As soon as the screen is turned on, they sound lol sound effects, revealing that this monitor is made for the most die-hard summoners and summoners. Not only is the design in tune with Riot’s great MOBA, but it the monitor itself reacts to the game with sound and lighting effects. In fact, it has an image mode designed specifically for the League of Legendswhich modifies all the parameters so that the experience is the best possible.

AOC Agon Pro League of Legends

The design and features of the monitor are focused so that you can enjoy the LOL gaming experience to the fullest

Using it in game is when this monitor reveals your full potential. the base lights react to in-game events, changing depending on some ultimates, events like the appearance of Baron Nashor and everything you can imagine. That visual section is really well done, since the immersion in the game will be total. You can set a fixed lighting pattern or turn it off completely, but we recommend trying the “LOL mode” in game, because AOC have worked hard in that regard.

A gaming all-terrain that does not fall short with other games

And what happens if you don’t play League of Legends? It is clear that this monitor is designed for game fansbut if at a technical level it seduces you over other options, you should know that you can get a lot of chicha out of Summoner’s Rift. High-range HDR is impressive when editing video and photos or viewing any type of content. if you usually see series or movies in your setup monitor, with this model you will notice a lot of difference.

Gaming in the AOC Agon Pro

You can enjoy any video game with great fluidity and the highest image quality

response times are almost instantaneous. We have tested the monitor with the latest generation games and from different genres, but where we have most noticed the instantaneousness is in the shooters. In these types of games, when you pull the trigger you expect to see the muzzle explode and the bullet shoot out, and this monitor complies in that regard, and with a note. No lag is noticeable, even with the graphics maxed out and all quality options enabled on the monitor.

Simple and customizable control

It may seem silly to many, but it seems to me that the controls on this monitor are very well done. I hate screens that have buttons at the bottom of the frame as sometimes it’s confusing and awkward to navigate between them, even more so when you use them in the dark. This AOC monitor has a crosshead on the back that opens a menu where you can change the image features with complete comfort. You can navigate as if you were using a joystick, with ease and precision until you find the configuration that you like best.

Back of the AOC Agon Pro

The back of the monitor is inspired by Hextech technology and has an integrated control wheel to configure the experience to your liking

Moreover, the monitor comes with a circular knob to change lighting and game modes very easily. I personally I’m not a big fan of having one more cable snaking around the deskBut if you want quick access to your monitor’s settings, this remote does the job well.

Is the AOC Agon Pro worth it?

This is, objectively, a good monitor, but it is still coffee for the very coffee lovers. The design isn’t going to resonate with everyone, and if you’ve never played League of Legends it would be rare to fall in love with the look of this monitor. Internally, the characteristics that it presents make it ideal to enjoy any game to the maximum, so it fits you in that sense and in size, it is a very good option.

Monitor AOC Agon Pro League of Legends

On Amazon you can buy it for about 600 euros, with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. I personally liked the monitor, it seems to me that it offers a very vibrant image and it’s a pleasure to play video games with him. If you are a fan of League of Legends, this monitor is made to measure, and I can’t think of a better option if you want something custom and that reacts with color and lighting to your plays on Summoner’s Rift. If you are interested you can buy it on amazon with directly from the AOC website.

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