Largest asset leak in Valve history affects Team Fortress 2, Portal, Half Life 2 and more

Valve the video game company, suffered a filtrationwhich is the largest in company historya large number of articles from an asset repository dating from 2016. Affecting different video games such as Team Fortress 2, Portal, Counter Strike: Source Y Half Life 2. This is how users now find out about items that ceased to exist or were never released.

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As reported by PC Gamer, WandererLeaker is he responsible and would have leaked through his Discord channel. “I don’t care anymore. I also did my tinkering with it for a few years, I didn’t upload it because I was threatened every time […] A real pity. I have no legal obligation for these files. Not anymore”, adding that he has kept these files since 2016. Team Fortress 2 with 61 gigabytes of leaked content He is the most affected.

on reddit and Twitter the different items are being revealed. As for the other games, we know the name of the protagonist of Portal, her name is Celestine and its diminutive is Chellthe user RememberCitadel by LambdaGeneration He is the one who found the leaked material, then the community assured that this is the name of the game’s protagonist.

As for Half Life, there are several files, but none that reveal Half-Life 3 or anything like that. Likewise, much of the leaked content is currently unusable due to its age or because they were just ideas, but it is a blow to Valve, since they are great games from the company. It is also highlighted that Throughout the days new leaks appear.

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