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A new year arrives and face-to-face eSports events also return. After two seasons troubled by the coronavirus, Riot Games confirmed that the Grand Final of the Opening of the Latin American League of League of Legends will have a face-to-face event in Chile. In addition, he announced all the changes for the 2023 season.

The regular season changes from best-of-one home-and-away matches to best-of-three one-way matches. All teams will face each other in a best-of-three series and the top 6 in this phase will advance to the Playoffs, which will continue the double-elimination format we implemented in 2022 to positive reception from the public.

To have transmissions designed for the audience, each day of competition will have two series to the best of 3.

New time in global synchronization

We want LoL Esports fans to have the opportunity to see the entire competitive circuit around the world without conflict. For this reason, each league will have specific transmission days without another being played at the same time. The LLA will be played, starting on January 24, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4pm (MX) 5pm (CO-PE) 7pm (AR-CL)

New talent on camera

The talent table is updated for 2023, it will have new faces and old acquaintances among its talent ranks. Among them are the casters Nachittus, Lenore, Abdiel, Corsario, Rafamaik, JJEXLoL, the analysts Profe AndresX and Jirall, Magui Sunshine (host) and Lau Agnolin (interviewer).

Two new teams in the LLA

To the already known Isurus, Estral Esports, Team Aze, Movistar R7, INFINITY, All Knights two new teams are added: The Kings, who comes from LVP Mexico after winning in the Promo/Relegation; and Six Karma, which takes the spot from XTEN Esports. Soon more information and data on their lineups for the Opening 2023!

Grand Final Opening in Chile

The LLA continues to visit countries in the region, and from now on we can announce that the final of the first season of the year will be in Chile. This announcement marks the return of the final of the competition after 2019, when the Closing Final of the Latin American League took place in Talcahuano. Last year, and after five years of absence from finals in Argentina, the final of the LLA 2022 Apertura took place in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, where Team Aze and Estral faced each other. The exciting definition was seen by more than 5,000 spectators in the stands, who came to see this match from all corners of Latin America.

“We are very happy for the successful passage of Worlds in Latin America and I am pleased that the competitive scene, both regional and international, is undergoing many changes for the better.” commented Eduardo Cazares, Esports Product Manager at Riot Games Latam. He also added that “we are excited to return to Chile and we hope that people continue to accompany us in what will be this new season of League of Legends.”

A team at risk of relegation

The teams will continue adding performance points in the Opening and Closing. These points will define a team at risk of relegation and not two as in previous years. The worst team in terms of performance will have to face the best team from the LVP Regional Leagues, which will be defined in the grand final between the North Regional League and the South Regional League.

The LLA will return this January 24 and can be seen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from your home or from the Artz Pedregal Arena. Follow all the information and news about the largest esports competition in LATAM through the official channels:

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