League of Legends will have a new game starring one of its most used characters

Although League of Legends has been with us since 2009, it has not expanded its universe until the end of the last decade. It wasn’t until 2020 and 2021 that Legends of Runeterra and Ruined King were launched with a view to taking the MOBA beyond what is known, something consolidated with Arcane and the future Project L and F. Now, another one joins the list of games of LoL as an expanded universe: Mageseeker: A League of Legends Storystarring Sylas.

In total, the “A League of Legends Story” are 4, with the most recent Hextech Mayhem at the end of 2021. tiny experiences that have flirted with the Riot Games universe, although embracing somewhat smaller genres. In this case, and although Riot has not said a word, the surprise has been crushed by the South Korean rating systemwhich has pinned the game among its upcoming releases.

Although this one still does not have an arrival datewhat we do know is that it will star Sylas, it will address the concept of “action game“, although it has not been specified how; as well as the confirmation of his arrival on PC and consoles. The character, one of the most used in the game right now with a Pick Rate that places him at number 6, is widely known by the community for his background as a renegade mage who fights against the state of Demacia.

In fact, this isolationist nation will serve as point Y game scenario. Although this information has been retrieved from the Korean web by the user @osevno on Twitter, the translation sheds light on a story focused on the quest to save Demaciaconsidered within the lore Like a kingdom in crisis.

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Of course, as we have mentioned, this spin-off does not have a release date. However, if we look at Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, its announcement came just a week before the game’s official arrival on Steam and consoles; both at a low price.

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