League Patch 13.2 Changes to ADCs – Massive Adjustments

As it happens in every League of Legends season start, one of the positions is a little behind the rest and the players who mainean these champions are already starting to get angry.

Something that becomes a curious dichotomy when a player in a specific patch complains about the bad state of his position and wants another one, which according to him is OPwants me to be in the mud.

This is LoL and its balancing, and this is also understood by Riot Games, which is going to launch a massive patch targeting ADCs the day january 24with version League of Legends 13.2.

Ashe alone in the face of danger

Riot Phreak has released a video confirming the vast majority of changes to ADCs in 13.2, a patch that may be a before and after for a class that is suffering in season 13.

The high damage of bruishers and tanks, added to the durability of champions, the scaling of defensive objects and the little damage they have in early the ADCs (issue Faker highlights) have caused the shooters to be down in the goal.

The changes are oriented both to the champions and to the items that the ADCs take. buildeanso we are going to review everything that Phreak has confirmed in the video.

Changes to ADCs | Patch 13.2

changes to champions

Mana scaling changed from 32 to 35.

Mana regen scaling changed from 0.4 to 0.65.

Mana scaling changed from 35 to 40.

Mana regen scaling changed from 0.55 to 0.7.

Mana regen scaling changed from 0.6 to 1.

W manacost changed from 50-90 to 50-70.

E manacost changed from 30-50 to 30.

Base mana changed from 245 to 260.

Mana growth changed from 45 to 50.

W manacost changed from 50-90 to 50-70.

Base mana changed from 344.88 to 345.

Mana scaling changed from 38 to 40.

Mana regen scaling changed from 0.45 to 0.7.

Base mana changed from 349 to 340.

Mana growth increased from 38 to 45.

Base mana regeneration changed from 8.18 to 8.

Mana regen growth changed from 0.7 to 0.85.

Mana growth changed from 35 to 40.

Mana regeneration changed from 8.05 to 8.

Mana regen growth changed from 0.65 to 0.8.

Mana regen growth changed from 0.4 to 0.7.

Mana scaling changed from 40 to 45 per level.

W manacost changed from 60-80 to 60.

Base mana changed from 287.2 to 300.

Mana scaling regeneration changed from 0.45 to 0.7.

Mana regen and scaling changed from 0.75 to 0.8.

Changes to ADC objects

Lifesteal changed from 18% to 15%.

Shield and its scaling change from 50-320 scaling from level 1 to 180-450 scaling from level 9.

Total cost changed from 3400 to 3200.

  • Infinity Edge and Razors of Navori

The crit needed to skip the process and the passive changes from 60% to 40%.

On-hit damage for ADC champions changed from 8% to 9%.

Changes to ADC healing

Shield scaling changed from 10 + 9% max health to 20-300 based on champion level.

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