Minecraft Legends will be seen in the Xbox Developer Direct

Although it is practically impossible to emulate the success of the original title, it cannot be said that Minecraft is not trying to build proposals for different types of player. Based on its characteristic cubic and pixelated aesthetic, we already had a spin-off called Minecraft Dungeons, and another one is on the way, a Minecraft Legends whose existence we learned about for the first time in the past Summer Game Fest, and which was also seen at the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase in June. But, as a good cross-platform title, not all the news is saved for the presentations of the big N. So, if you are interested in this title, pay attention, because another company is going to be next in show your progress.

Xbox prepares to show Minecraft Legends on its Developer_Direct

Microsoft console users already have a date marked in red on the calendar: the next Wednesday, January 25, at 9:00 p.m. Spanish timewill take place on the Xbox and Bethesda YouTube and Twitch channels on Developer_Direct, a presentation in which they will show more than some titles that will be released on the Game Pass platform over the next few months. Nintendo Switch users, yes, will only have access to one of the titles shown in said presentation, and that title is none other than Minecraft Legends. No, there’s no Silksong in sight yet. But this is not bad either, is it?

Apart from the already mentioned Minecraft Legends, Xbox players and those interested in future releases in general will be able to enjoy news, information and gameplays of The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport and Redfall. Therefore, the bulk of the presentation will be focused on exclusive Xbox and PC titles, with the exception of the Mojang spin-off and the multiplatform MMORPG from Bethesda.

Tell us, are you interested in Minecraft Legends? What do you expect from him? Do you think there will be any additional surprises in the Developer_Direct apart from the four mentioned titles?


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