Nemesis and ShowMaker tell the problems of magicians in LoL

With League of Legends Season 13 already in progress, there are many players who are analyzing how the game is developing. Until now, the fire extinguisher was based on which fighters were stronger and which ones could take advantage of the Jak’Sho to get the most out of the Summoner’s Rift. In view of this, Riot Games will update the bruiserswhile on the other hand will improve the AD Carries.

However, there is a class of champions who have not received any kind of affection from Riot Games for a long time: the magicians. Over the past few months, many players have complained about how little attention this champion class has received. As if that were not enough, Tim Lipovšek has talked so much in the last few hours «nemesis»as Heo Su«ShowMaker«, criticizing the current state of this class of champions.

Nemesis and Showmaker highlight the poor state of mages in LoL

During a streaming, Showmaker made a list of all the problems LoL wizards have today. Since receiving less gold for farm minions to take on opponents with items like the Jak’Sho, a item that forces these champions to buy the Void Staff above any other. Not only that, but it also highlights that wizards are required to purchase the Sorcerer’s Bootspreventing getting objects that ensure the survival of the character.

They need to take the teleportdo not have innate tenacity, buy the mercury boots implies not having harm, the Liandry’s Sorrow can’t finish them carriesthe ludens does not kill tanks and the passive of the Crown of the Broken Queen it is too weak compared to other objects. To this is added that objects like the Embrace of the Seraphthe fairy veil or the Zhonya’s Hourglass they are too weak and stronger ones cannot be bought because either they are too expensive or because they do not work in that line.

For her part, Nemesis points out that the Embrace of the Seraph and the Rod of Ages only work on Kassadin and Sylas. outside of that, the mid lane it’s still the same as before. «If you ban Ryze, Kassadin or Sylas, the midlane is still the same old crapNemesis stated.

We will see if Riot Games decides to change this dynamic and improve this class of champions during this Season 13 or, on the contrary, we continue to see complaints from the players.

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