Neuro Sama, the AI ​​streamer that is revolutionizing the internet

Artificial intelligence (AI or AI for its acronym in English) is on everyone’s lips. During the last year we have seen how some like Dall-e or ChatGPT —both developed by OpenAI— have become a trend.

Now they have come to the world of streaming. And they have done it in the form of Neuro Sama, a VTuber —another phenomenon of recent years— after which there is no one, but rather it is managed by an AI.

This particular streamer has been created by Vedal987, who uses his nick for the name of the channel despite the fact that VTuber is later called Neuro Sama. While he might be streaming continuously and he does have more air time than most streamers, he only does so for a few hours a day.

What are you doing on your stream? Well, nothing too different from a streamer to use. Neuro Sama is able to play a multitude of games while interacting with the chat. And each interaction helps her learn, although some viewers have managed to troll her to say inappropriate phrases.

His ability in games is also spectacular. It is not new, years ago OpenAI demonstrated with OpenAI Five that through their almost infinite capacity for learning —in ten months they would have played the equivalent of 45,000 years— they are capable of reaching an unparalleled level and they beat OG in an exhibition match of DOTA 2.

As for Neuro Sama, it has stood out especially in Osu, the game that has made its relevance go beyond an anecdote. He played Australian mrekk, one of the best players in the world, in a one-on-one tournament. And he won.

According to highlights Jake Lucky on Twitter, the creator has recognized that it is not equally easy in all games. Neuro Sama shines in those that do accommodate AIs, but others like Minecraft are more difficult. It also needs moderation to keep working, but it is learning and working better and better.

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