Overwatch 2: towards a major change in rewards for season 3?

The Overwatch 2 executive producer has announced that the development teams are looking to change the rewards system for Season 3.

While a Battle Pass is always rewarding, especially in games where cosmetics can cost an arm and a leg, that’s not exactly the case with Overwatch 2. The removal of loot boxes in favor of free play has led to some frustration. on the players. Until then, getting a skin was simply free; the more you play, the more chests you will receive with random rewards.

Although the Battle Pass is interesting for the modest sum of €10, there are still many oddities between the theme of the season that is not respected, the rewards that are not necessarily attractive and the exorbitant prices of the most interesting skins. Although there are free rewards in the form of challenges, connection bonuses, or even Twitch Drops, players are still not satisfied with Blizzard’s FPS business model.

Overwatch 2 Season 3: The Path to Redemption?

In an attempt to reassure players, jared neuss, the executive producer of Overwatch 2, has spoken. He announced thata change to free rewards will be made for season 3. On the other hand, no details have been disclosed for the moment, but the latter seems to be excited about future projects.

Players want Battle Passes to appear much less outside of the announced theme, but more importantly an easier way to earn money. Others want to see old Overwatch 1 skins at half price so players can complete their collection. Clearly, playing time should be much more rewarding, and we expect Jared Neuss to go in that direction.

As a reminder, Lunar New Year is scheduled to start on January 17 and end on February 6. The end of the event will also bring down the curtain on Season 2 to make way for the new season. During Lunar New Year, players will be able to complete challenges to earn Echo’s Legendary Kkachi skin.

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