Overwatch 2 would change its reward system in season 3

Overwatch 2 It arrived in October 2022 to replace its first installment with the same gaming experience, but free for everyone. The move to a F2P game made Blizzard go for a seasonal service, removing lootboxes and adding a cosmetic shop that you can buy for in-game currency. After a while of playing this sequel for hours, players were not happy with the progression in the battle pass and because of this, Overwatch 2 would change its reward system in season 3.

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass has two versions, one basic and one premium. If we decide to play without purchasing the premium version, we will be getting a small amount of rewards, less than half of what the premium battle pass offers. For his part, Blizzard was in charge of giving great importance to this expensive version of the battle pass, since paying users will be able to play with the new seasonal characters before the rest of the players.

Overwatch 2 would change its reward system in season 3

Overwatch 2 would change its reward system in season 3

The way to get the seasonal rewards is by leveling up the battle pass by getting experience from special, weekly and daily missions, although we will also get a little experience from completing games. Nevertheless, the structure of the battle pass is a bit archaic compared to the current standards imposed by Fortnite and Warzone 2.0titles that give greater freedom when it comes to acquiring the rewards that we most desire.

After hearing feedback and harsh criticism from the community, executive producer Jared Neuss stated that Blizzard is looking to adjust the reward system for Overwatch 2 Season 3.We have some updates for S3 that we’ll be talking about soon to help address the lack of reward options.yes“, he said on Twitter. Sure, the executive’s response to community requests has been really vague, but we can expect some major changes over the next few weeks.

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