The League of Legends Super League, the great esports competition in Spain, returns to Malaga

giants The video game competition par excellence in Spain starts this Monday, the League of Legends Super League. It begins with three encounters that can be enjoyed in the Home of Giantsthe headquarters of the Malaga club. Team Heretics, Fnatic TQ and Movistar Riders They are the first adversaries of the giants, who have renewed their squad and coaching staff with the aim of once again aspiring to the top in a campaign that promises to be more disputed than ever by the player and team level.

The League of Legends Super League, which organizes the Professional Video Game League (LVP, owned by Mediapro), brings news in this spring season of 2023. The first: now The conferences are held on Tuesday and Thursday. The second: there will be twosuperweeks‘ of three clashes, which will be played Monday Tuesday and Thursday. The Super League starts with the first ‘superweek’: Giants will play against Team Heretics this Monday 16 at 9:00 p.m., against Fnatic TQ this Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. and against Movistar Riders this Thursday at 10:00 p.m. The full schedule can be found here.

All the Official Giants League of Legends Matches can be seen live at its headquarters in Malaga, the Home of Giants. There will be a pre-match show, fan meetings and, most importantly, a giant screen broadcast of the game by some players who will receive the support of the public of the stands while they compete. The Home of Giants has been welcoming fans since 2022 and the response from the public has been a complete success, with full recurring attendees to enjoy the best esports in Spain live. Tickets can be purchased on the club’s website. You can also follow the matches on the LVP Twitch channel.

The regular season will end on March 9 with the matchday 18 dispute. Six teams reach the playoffs. Title Playoffs Begin March 14 and they will follow the format established in 2022: the first and second place in the regular season face each other, the winner goes directly to the final and the loser has a second chance. For their part, from the third to the sixth of the regular they face off in direct duels until the winner is known, who will face off with the loser of the first against the second for the other place in the Super League final.

The grand final of the Super League will be held on April 1 in a city that will be released during the early stages of the season. In addition to Giants, current runner-up, the Super League will count among its title contenders team Heretics, Movistar Riders, UCAM Tokiers, Finetwork KOI, BISONS ECLUB, Barça Esports, Fnatic TQ and the news of Jokers and Rebels Gamingwhich come from the second category.

How does the Giants face this spring 2023 Super League?

The team, recently presented, is made up of Daniel Aitbelkacem ‘Scarface‘ (Germany, 1999), Phil Qin ‘Alby‘ (Netherlands, 2000), Nicolas Gawron ‘decay‘ (France, 1999), Amadeu Carvalho ‘attila‘ (Portugal, 1996) and Paul Lardin ‘stand‘ (France, 2001). This roster is led by Andre Pereira Guilhoto (Portugal, 1994), a Giants historic, who will be accompanied on the coaching staff by a European LoL classic like Oskar Bogdan ‘Vander‘ (Poland, 1994). The roster accumulates weeks of preparation and training, with rest for Christmas dates through.

“The league has a lot of quality and most of the teams have maintained their nucleus, we have a new squad and at the beginning we will be irregular. It’s a project of building the foundations, not to make a team win once, but to create the bases and foundations for the Giants to be a team that wins regularly as always. That is not achieved without growing pains. We are a team that will play magnificent games and others less, but a team that will not stop evolving. When talking about the regular season in spring, with the closeness of the level that there will be in the teams, we will fight for the playoffs and in the playoffs is when we will begin to see the project on the rise,” Guilhoto predicts.

David Alonso’Lozark‘, sports director, points out: “I think we are going to be a team that is going to go further, we are relatively irregular, but I think it is something that you can expect from any Super League team. We have a difficult start, Heretics and Riders are arguably two of the best teams in the league, also Fnatic TQ. I do believe that in the regular phase you will see a team that will go little by little; if we zoom in from the outside and look at the entire season, I think it will show a team that has improved from the first day to the last“.

Guilhoto, who in 2017 won a Super League with Giants and promoted it to LCS, the highest European division, ‘mother’ of the current LEC, returns home after five years in some of the best clubs on the continent and in the United States (Schalke 04, Origin, Astralis, Immortals, Team Liquid). “I have returned to Europe for family reasons and, in a situation in which I was going to return no matter what, there is no other place where I can be more comfortable. The Giants have given me my career and the goal is also that I want to give it all back to the Giants. High-level experience abroad allows me to give advice and opinions on how to do things. Giants have given me the career I have and I want to give back. that,” he explains.

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