The new bug that CS:GO trainers can take advantage of

While we still have in mind the famous trainer bug that has caused so much controversy, a professional from the scene has pointed out a new one. Mariusz “Lord” Cybulski, one of those penalized due to the first scandal, has assured in Twitter that trainers could benefit from a new glitch in the game that only lasts 6-7 seconds, but gives a more than considerable advantage. At the moment only the Pole has shared this information, but we will have to be careful from now on.

When it seems that we were reaching the end of one of the most notorious scandals in the competitive scene of the CS:GO, something new appears. The famous coach bug has affected major international coaches and there is still an open investigation. Several professionals are still unable to train teams due to the sanctions imposed by both the ESIC as for Valve, but some of them are being released little by little. Among them one could highlight peacemaker Already SINKthe latter has just signed as chief analyst of Astralis after a year and four months punished.

The new bug that can benefit trainers

One of the coaches penalized for the first ruling and still unable to compete in a Major is Mariusz “LordCybulski. The Pole was sanctioned by the ESIC and then by Valve for having an illegal advantage while coaching Kinguin Y Aristocracy. Loord himself has been the one who has revealed the existence of a new bug that can influence the competition. “If an enemy does ping to a weapon or any utility, you can see it from the trainer’s point of view through the walls. It lasts about 6-7 seconds », highlights the Pole while he asks CS:GO get it fixed as soon as possible.

Despite the short duration, much less when compared to the trainer bug, it is enough for a trainer to gain a significant advantage illegally. Loord has also highlighted that this failure can also be used by dead players and not only by coaches., something that increases the danger of all this. More information about this error is still unknown and there are no images about it, but without a doubt, soon there will be more details about all this.

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