The roster with which GODSENT returns to CS:GO

Finally the rumors are completely confirmed. GODSENT has presented the roster with which it will compete this season. The project, both for the players and for the leaders that form it, has excited a large part of the international community of CS:GObut, above all, to the Swedish fans. Plopski, draken, RuStY, joel and ztr They are chosen to form a quintet that will be led by Golden. Talent, youth and experience in equal parts to wage war in Europe this 2023.

From Portugal it was reported that GODSENT would return to the competitive arena with the boys from Bad News Eagles. Although it would be a great move for both of them, he himself BanKs denied said movement claiming there were no conversations between the two since before the Rio Major. Days after, Eros published in Blix the possible roster which has finally come to pass. The Swedish organization was left without a squad in June 2022 after the signings of 00Nation. With the arrival of HeatoN to the direction of the team, the objectives was to have a completely Swedish team.

The new GODSENT template in CS:GO

DraKen and RuStY, aged 27 and 25 respectively, are the oldest players in this exciting project. Nevertheless, plopskiDespite being 20 years old, he already has plenty of experience on the international scene thanks to his time at Ninjas in Pajamas. The project is closed by two young talents such as joel and ztr, no one older than 19 years. The former may be less well known, but he has been one of the great stars of Monte, a team that was in the RMR European of the last Major. For his part, ztr arrives on loan from the NIP academy and is one of the great talents of the Swedish scene. It should be noted that ztr also played some matches with the main team.

This exciting team will be led by the legendary Maikil «⁠Golden⁠« Selim. The former fnatic and Cloud9 player will have his first experience as a coach at GODSENT after abandoning the keyboard and mouse. Anything can happen and CS:GO is very complex, but on paper this team has been exciting from the start and promises to fight in the European region.

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