This is how you can get prizes for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 by watching the CDL on Twitch

As with other extremely popular online video games such as Valorant or League of Legends, the franchise call of duty It continues to be a benchmark within Esports. Thanks to Warzone 2 Y Modern Warfare 2the Activision franchise slipped back into the top 10 most viewed games on twitchand part of the audience they gathered belongs to the CDL.

The call of duty league It is the highest category in which professional CoD players compete to be the best in the world. This league attracts tens of thousands of people annually, and after the December break, very soon will return with its 2023 edition. And watch out because it comes with rewards for viewers!

Here’s how you can win prizes for watching CDL 2023 on Twitch

  • In the official Web of the Call of Duty League explains what kind of prizes will be awarded to the public that is enjoying the matches through Twitch
  • This initiative will start from February 2 And it will be valid for three days
  • To access them you must follow these steps:
    • Sign in to Twitch
    • Sign in to the call of duty website
    • Link both accounts

rewards list

  • February 2⌛:
    • For 1 hour of viewing: 60 minutes of double XP (even on weapons)
    • For 1 hour and 30 minutes: Groundhog Shadow Emblem
  • February 3⌛:
    • For 1 hour of viewing: 60 minutes Double XP (even on weapons)
    • for 1 hour and a half: a Calling Card called “Route Man Gets Paid”
    • For 2 hours: Full Sailed emblem
  • February 4:
    • For 1 hour of viewing: 60 minutes Double XP (even on weapons)
    • for 1 hour and a half: a “GG” sticker
    • For 2 hours: Calling Card “Cooking Up Some Dubs”
  • February 5⌛:
    • For 1 hour of viewing: 60 minutes double XP and “Iced Out” weapon skin
    • for 1 hour and a half: 60 min double XP on weapons
    • For 2 hours: Emblem “Salty”

And what kind of games will be broadcast in early February on the official channel of the Call of Duty League? Well, basically they will be the ones from Major II. Will you miss them?

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