Yujikoi conquers us with cosplay version of Katarina from LoL

Cosplay has become a very striking activity for anime fans, which is why more and more girls are encouraged to try this fun practice.

And it is that, we have to be honest, there will always be some cosplayers who are more popular than others, either because of their beauty, charisma or creativity, and our mission will always be to bring you the best of the best, so take a break, that we are going to share our fans once again.

She is hannahbetter known in networks as yujikoi, a beautiful model and cosplayer from Switzerland who has taken our breath away with her charming cosplay versions of some favorite anime and video game characters. You can find her on her official Instagram as @yuji.hannah, where she has over 187k followers and lots of cosplay shoots that might interest you.

On this occasion, he brings us his best cosplay version of Katarina. Known to many as the Sinister Bladea powerful champion within the catalog of League of Legendsa girl who, despite being born from the union of two families of nobles, since she was little, focused on mastering the art of blades, in order to finish off the enemies of the empire, one by one.

She had a difficult childhood, without rest or signs of affection, which motivated her to become a lethal weapon, testing her strength, courage and resistance to pain, trying to show that she was capable of being a source of pride for her family, but During the war, he made a risky decision, and after attacking the commander of his enemy team, he had to pay a high price.

The revenge of her enemies cost the lives of all her soldiers, who were massacred, where barely she and her father managed to get out alive, that is why after being brutally rejected by her father, Katarina went alone to kill Demtrius. , but when he was distracted, he was about to gouge out her eye, which is why she has that mark on her face, although that did not stop her, until she took her head from her father seeking forgiveness.

He could never receive acceptance or affection, so he dedicated his talent with knives to the empire, until he managed to become the sinister weapon he always dreamed of being.

We hope this cosplay work has been to your liking, leave your comments on our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.

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