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When Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, said a few months ago that If it weren’t for her husband’s threats, she wouldn’t post so much adult content. On her OnlyFans, a lot of people expressed skepticism instead of the sympathy they would give to other cases.

Even though the popular streamer announced in October last year that he had filed for divorce, many voices continued to criticize her for her obscene material on the popular adult page OnlyFans. Now, in a Twitter thread, Amouranth has stated that “an empire, even one covered in thorns, takes time to change.

Among other things he said “The most ignorant statement I get is ‘you haven’t changed your content, you’re a liar’, but it would be selfish and irresponsible to suddenly do a 180 degree turn.”

Amouranth explained that he gives direct work to about 20 employeesand which also has nine more people in charge of editing your videos and other services. Of all of them, about 15 are dedicated to their “spicy” content, and since the controversy exploded a few months ago have been reassigned to other projectsamong which is the company created by the streamer‘Real Work’.

I gave people who work on my risqué content 60 days notice, making it clear to them that they could look for another job, but that their positions would be secured during those two months.he said in the thread.

People think I was going to fire all my employees and change my content overnight, but doing it in a more restrained way is the compassionate approach to take. In the end I have been finding new jobs for EVERY STAFF MEMBER.”

In addition, the figures shared by Amouranth support that something is changing in his broadcasting style. His time statistics reveal that his streams of the category of swimming pools and jacuzzis were eating up 50% of their time, but at the end of November they only represented 10%.

At that time he said that If her ex hadn’t put so much pressure on her, she would have played Overwatch 2 a lot more.which if it continued the same would not have happened.

Right now, anyone who says I’m not in control is hiding down a rabbit hole. Now I do what I want, but many enjoy misinterpreting my initial statements. It has always been about making my own decisions, and questioning my current autonomy is his new tactic to attack me.

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