Arcane only exists thanks to a K-pop group: Riot Games almost canceled the League of Legends series, but was saved by the company’s craziest project – League of Legends

The skins of League of Legends They are often in a very curious situation. There are a large number of players protesting very vocally against some of the cosmetics released by Riot Games. However, these same appearances are later among the best sellers in video game history. A phenomenon that was magnified with the arrival K/DA. The more vocal (albeit minority) segments of the community did not appreciate the founding of a fictional k-pop group with the characters in the game or that their skins received so much attention. However, even those who hated the initiative owe more than they think to these aspects.

The most important skins in the history of League of Legends

The launch of Arcane It was one of the biggest milestones in League of Legends history, but we don’t realize how unlikely it was. It is not only that the creation of a series only received the green light at the insistence of one of the most veteran workers of the company who bothered his bosses for years with this suggestion. When at last there was ‘ok’ from Riot Games, the first attempt to create the series was a complete failure. Those responsible for the series assure that the company was not at all happy with the script and the first materials.

Riot Games is extremely demanding when it comes to quality. The company’s pulse does not tremble if it has to Cancel projects or delay them indefinitely because they don’t meet expectations. This is exactly what happened to Arcane. After the initial presentation of the first season, the developers “wanted to put everything on hold”. The problem is that this situation was fatally necessary. Fortiche, the studio in charge of the series, would have to let go of all the project workers until the future was clarified and it was a definite loss. In hindsight, they recognized that they probably would not have gotten out of that situation.

Fortiche Warriors Lol

Fortiche animated the Warriors video clip in 21014, one of the most loved by the League of Legends community

Losing the production of Arcane laid bare what was only a small animation studio in France that had multiplied its size several times to work with Riot Games. Was dramatic from an economic and talent point of view. As Arcane’s animation director states, by letting go of the studio they ran the risk of their workers committing to other projects that required a long period of work. This is where the aforementioned come into play. K/DA skins and also a video about the world championship from League of Legends of 2018.

“We knew there was no work for Fortiche in the next few months, so we started talking to different teams at Riot Games to ask people if there was anything we could do. ‘Hey, is there something out there to do, a music video? or anything that can keep the lights on in the studio? We talked to the esports team and they wanted to do a music video that became RISE. We also talked to the music team and there was this crazy idea about a K-pop group… “

The idea of ​​working with Fortiche on this content allowed the animators and the bulk of Arcane workers to have something to do while the first season was reformulated. This is one of the reasons why the series had a development of approximately six years. Riot Praeco, as the person most responsible for the idea calls itself, said the following: “It’s lucky that we were terrible at doing our job, because otherwise the RISE and POP / STARS video would never have existed.”

kda lol

We like to think that Arcane exists thanks to a K-pop group

The extra time allowed those responsible for Riot Games involved in the series to hire new experienced series production staff and reformulate the first season. Seeing how The Last of Us series looks and paying attention to the opinion of a colleague who has already seen all the episodes, we may have to rethink the following sentence. However, at least until Season 1 of the HBO show concludes, we like to think that a K-pop group is responsible for the best adaptation in the history of video games.

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