Cloud9 replace interz with buster

Milan «Striker» Švejda stressed a few days ago that Cloud9 would make this important change in its template, so we crossed off another rumor that ends up developing before the season begins. Timur «⁠buster⁠« Tulepov is a new player in the American organization after spending seven months without competing after the benching by For the arrival of the kazakh, Cloud9 had to say goodbye to Timofey «⁠interz⁠« Yakushin, a Russian who had been with his companions for two years.

At the end of April 2022, the American organization confirms the acquisition of the roster by Gambit after the problems derived from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The CIS staff spent several months competing under the name of players and the movement was more than expected and necessary. A few months later, Cloud9 lifted a title again thanks to the victory at IEM Dallas, but that’s where all the successes ended. The second half of the year was not so positive and there were no wins despite the enormous quality of a squad that includes sh1ro. Therefore, to start 2023 on the right foot, the team changes a piece.

Buster comes to Cloud9 by interz

First of all, Cloud9 has confirmed the departure of Timofey «⁠interz⁠« Yakushin, a player who is only 22 years old but who has been linked to Gambit-Cloud9 for a lifetime. Along with nafany, interz is the player with the least impact on the team, so if they want to return to the top of the scene, a change was necessary. With this objective, the rumored signing of Timur has been confirmed «⁠buster⁠« Tulepov, a 23-year-old former player. The Kazakh left the team more than seven months ago and his current status is unknown, but he has already shown all his potential in his previous team.

If you are fans of the cloud, don’t worry, the change is not hasty and you have more or less enough time to prepare. Cloud9 is not a partner of BLAST Premier and will not participate in the fspring group ace This week. His return to competition will not be until play-in from IEM Katowice scheduled for January 31.

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