Day 2 of the Super League: when and where to watch online, which teams play and hours

The LVP League of Legends Super League has already started! And it has done it in style, as the competition has started with a superweek in which three different days will be held in just four days. Today, at MARCA Gaming, we want to talk to you about precisely that. More specifically, the broadcast schedule for matchday 2, the teams that will play, the schedule, etc.

All this with a previous context previously established thanks to the maps of day 1. Let’s remember, then, that BISONS ECLUB started with a very hard-fought victory against Bara eSports, while Movistar Riders managed to beat Fnatic. For their part, the Rebels took the duel of the rookies against Jokers, Giants defeated Los Heretics and KOI let slip the first victory of the season against UCAM.

Schedule for day 2 of the League of Legends Super League

Superliga, schedules of the first day.  @LVPesLoL

Superliga, schedules of the first day. @LVPesLoL

UCAM has started on the right foot and will want to add its second victory against a Jokers that seems not to have adapted well to the meta. For their part, Los Heretics comes wanting to make up for it, since they could do little against the Giants’ scaling compo. For its part, the duel between BISONS and Riders (although it is still very early) will build the top of the table.

Meanwhile, Bara eSports and KOI will seek to break the dynamic of the first day to avoid adding two consecutive defeats, something very painful. The same thing happens with Fnatic TQ, who will have to face off against a renewed Giants. For its part, Rebels, who plays against the aforementioned heretics, wants to continue surprising.

  • 18:00 – UCAM Tokiers vs. jokers
  • 19:00 – The Heretics vs. Rebels Gaming
  • 20:00 – Movistar Riders vs. BISONS ECLUB
  • 21:00 – Bara eSports vs. KOI
  • 22:00 – Fnatic TQ vs. giants

where to see

To be able to watch the Super League, it is only necessary to connect to the LVP Twitch channel from 6:00 p.m., although they normally start a little earlier with the ‘previous’. In the same way, it is possible to watch various matches through the Twitch channels of the streamers associated with the authorized teams.

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