Fan makes a playable version of Sonic The Hedgehog in Minecraft

Minecraft It is not the best-selling game in history for nothing, and it is that it has managed to captivate an incredible community with its mechanics that know how to encourage creativity to the maximum, since the cube sandbox has become one of the best scenarios for anyone who want to make, both original creations and others inspired by fiction or the real world. However, even knowing this, it is still impressive how some players exploit the game’s potential to the maximum, among them the one that we will present today stands out, since it has made a Incredible playable recreation of the classic Sonic The Hedgehog in Minecraft, and also without using mods.

The title originally developed by Markus Persson, has undoubtedly had one of the greatest evolutions seen in video gamesthis has been clearly reflected by how the incredible creations of the fans have advanced, being that before the most incredible that could be seen were mega structures such as cities or statues, a total contrast to the amount of content that is seen today, arriving even to the fact that there are fully functional games from other franchises within Minecraft, an example would be the recreation of the classic Snake that became popular a week ago.

The entire iconic Green Hills Zone is available in the playable recreation of Sonic The Hedgehog in Minecraft.

The recreation was made by the user known as C1OUSER on his channel Youtubesame place where He has published a video where he explains how he achieved this milestone, although sadly it is in English. The video is seen as a reference to a map of mario bros with the same concept created by the previously, in addition to that he had to create new models and adjust some details to adapt to the exclusive mechanics of the hedgehog.

The reality is that this playable recreation of sonic the hedgehog in Minecraft It has exceeded all the possible expectations that one would have of a project like this, it is incredible how it even has the mechanics of speed, inertia or the simple fact that it is in 2D like the classic, makes you genuinely forget you’re playing inside Minecraft.

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