Fortnite players report a bug that allows you to walk faster


The players of Fortnite they have been finding bugs in the game since the arrival of the fourth chapter. This week a new problem was found which is being reported by players, and from what you can see, it is quite serious, since it is possible to walk much faster than normal thanks to a problem with the mechanics of sliding on the ground.

One of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite, has been experiencing constant issues ever since it received chapter four. About two weeks ago first a problem with the Shockwave Hammer that caused Epic Games to disable the weapon, shortly then problems with obstacles and now this.

Below you can see the error found:

On PNBRintel’s Twitter we see a video where a player shows a speed higher than normal during the game. He’s not just running rather, it moves above what is considered normal for the competitive integrity of the game. This is only possible thanks to the new mechanic that allows players to slide.

Gliding was added to Fortnite in the third chapter, and allows players to kneel down slopes to gain speed while shooting opponents. However, it seems that it is possible to make unfair use of this type of ability. At the time of writing this article, Epic Games has yet to comment on the new issue.

What’s unclear so far regarding the new bug found by players is whether all players can use it or whether the user who reported and showed the video of the issue was very lucky to be able to. Either way, it is a problem that Epic Games will have to start taking into account in the coming days.

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