Fortnite x The Kid LAROI: skins, concert and everything we know

Epic Games has confirmed the collaboration of The Kid LAROI in Fortnite. this next music collaboration consists of several elements, including skin, event/concert, and music by this artist on the in-game radio. In this news we collect everything we know about it:

The Kid LAROI in Fortnite: everything we know

Although several days ago there was some noise and rumors about it, since January 17, 2023 It is possible to listen to The Kid LAROI on the Fortnite Idol Radio. It is a radio station that we can hear in the game when entering any vehicle. In addition to this, Epic Games has confirmed that “there will be more, later this month.”

This confirmation confirms the previous leaks regarding The Kid LAROI in Fortnite: will have its own skin and accessories. The list of objects is as follows:

  • Two skins of The Kid LAROI
  • A backpack
  • a peak
  • a wrapper
  • three different gestures

The item codename for The Kid LAROI is “SunBurst” in the Fortnite file system. Relative to this codename as well hints have been found that there will be a concert of The Kid LAROI Creative Mode as part of the collaboration, although at this time this is only leaked information and there is no confirmation from Epic Games. We will inform you again as soon as more is known about it, such as when Epic itself makes all this that we have just told you official.

Official art of The Kid LAROI collaboration in Fortnite


Official art of The Kid LAROI collaboration in Fortnite

Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard (born 2003) is an Australian rapper, singer and songwriter known as The Kid Laroi (stylized as The Kid LAROI). His debut album, F * ck Love (2020) reached the top of the charts in Australia, and he has also collaborated with other renowned artists such as Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.

Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, better known by his alias The Kid LAROI


Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, better known by his alias The Kid LAROI

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