Giving away toys this 2023 and its importance in a virtual age

Children love to play. From a very young age we see them spend all their energy inventing the most creative games. The truth is that it is incredible how stimulating and fundamental it is to play for the learning and development of a child. For this reason, there are a series of educational games for children, adapted to all ages and stages of growth. Curiosity, creativity, motor skills and memory are just some of the qualities that we can encourage and/or reinforce in them with the right toys.

In an increasingly virtual world, the screen has taken center stage. Younger children are engrossed in entertaining learning videos. However, experts repeat to us over and over again the conditions both in the development of language and concentration, social skills or sleep schedule. Beware of excessive blue light (screen light).

If your son is a fan of minecraft, the famous online game, he might be interested in Lego minecraft. If we want to help them detach from the screens, we must not leave their tastes aside. It is ideal when there are alternatives that we know would interest them.

games are expressive

It is amazing how with the help of a toy or a costume children bring a story to life. A mask of his/her favorite superhero, say a spiderman mask, is for him/her what will transform him/her into spiderman. By putting it on he has given life to a character, and not just anyone, but his favorite, who chooses to be in his fantasies. If you also learn the ability to share his mask, to give it away to a friend, we are giving you very important social values.

Playing is a perfect instance to express ideas, let creativity fly and also interact with other children. Listening to the ideas of the other and jointly creating a game in which both have fun is the basis for establishing links; team work.

Games stimulate the brain

Did you know that our brain does not finish developing until adolescence? The first years of life are crucial to create the neural connections that will accompany us in the future. Learning works like a system of networks connecting neurons like wires in the brain. If I learn, I connect new cables. What I learned will remain in my memory as a circuit that I can reactivate many times. That is why it is so important that the circuits that we create during our childhood are useful to face adult life. Thus also reinforcing what I have learned, suppose playing a game repeatedly, reinforces this connection so that it does not break and I act more quickly.

There are plenty of games and toys designed for individual and social entertainment and mental development for children of all ages. Let’s help them discover who they are, what they like and exploit their capabilities.

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