How to get Kecleon easy in Pokémon GO

In this guide we explain how to get Kecleon in Pokémon GO and what you have to do to capture it, step by step.

After many years of waiting, the most famous chameleon in the Pokémon world has finally slipped into our mobile phones. let’s tell you how to get kecleon on Pokémon GO easily after his arrival just a few days ago. The little Hoenn chameleon has decided to take over PokéStops around the world to celebrate the arrival of 2023.

Do you want to know what to do to make Kecleon appear in Pokémon GO? What steps must be followed to capture it? What should not be done to make it appear? Well, you just have to keep reading.

How to capture Kecleon in Pokémon GO

Kecleon Is available in Pokémon GO from the past January 7th, when the Community Day in which Chespin Shiny premiered ended. From now on, any Trainer can meet him, even if to capture Kecleon in Pokémon GO a special procedure must be followed that is dictated by the random.

In fact, what we recommend is that you play Pokémon GO normally, although it is advisable that try to spin the Photo Discs of many different PokéStops every day. This will increase the probability that this chameleon will appear. whatAnd how to know when Kecleon appears? We explain it to you:

  • Spin PokéStop Photo Discs normally.
  • On occasion, you will come across that there is something strange in the Photodisco and that this Does not turn.
  • If that happens, start playing that strange thing that seems to be attached to the disk.
  • As you click, you will see that Kecleon begins to be better distinguished. Insist.
  • When he gets tired, he will drop the Photoparade disk. Now turn it normally.
  • When you return to the main map, you will see that there is a wild Kecleon that is waiting for you. touch it.
  • Now, proceed to capture Kecleon like any other Pokémon in GO.

You already have it! It’s an easy process, although quite curious, because it may seem that the PokéStops are damaged, and they are not! If you go too far, keep playing, but pay close attention, because you will surely see something almost transparent attached to the photodisc. It’s not a graphic glitch, it’s Kecleon!

How to capture Kecleon Shiny?

yes the version Shiny by Kecleon is also in Pokémon GO, although for now only a few people can get hold of it. The Shiny form of the Hoenn chameleon will be present at the Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn in-person event which is being held this February in Las Vegas.

Later, it will be possible to capture Shiny Kecleon in the rest of the world when the Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn globally. Everyone is going to have a chance to get their hands on this more unusual variant, although it will be more difficult to get hold of.

Requirements and keys to consider

We have told you how to capture it, but you have to take into account some requirements and data. For example, what is the spawn rate of Kecleon in Pokémon GO? Can their meeting be forced? We answer all of that here:

  • Its appearance is completely random.
  • It has no time limit, it will always be available.
  • The chance of Kecleon appearing at a PokéStop is 5.7%. The Pokémon appears at about one out of every 17 stops you turn.
  • If you use a Rocket Radar or Rocket Super Radar, it will not spawn.

Now yes, you are completely ready, or ready, to catch the elusive Kecleon. Good luck!


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