how to get the rewards and ‘skins’ of the event of the year of the rabbit

This is the first time that Blizzard celebrates the Chinese New Year or lunar in its shooting game since it became a free game and we are going to see if what it offers is enough to appease the criticism that continues to be made against its monetization systems. The event of the year of the rabbit came to Overwatch 2 with several game modes, rewards and three new ‘skins’ or designs that we are going to tell you how to get.

When does the Year of the Rabbit event start and on what date does it end? Overwatch 2?

Chinese game year festivities started in the game from Tuesday, January 17 and will be active until Monday, February 6, 2023.

Event Game Modes

  • All Against All Bounty Hunters: A bounty will be offered for the first player to eliminate an opponent, and as long as this is the bounty goal, you can get even more points with additional eliminations. Whoever kills the target will take their place. The target can also be seen by other players through the walls.
  • Capture the Flag: in this game mode so familiar in shooting titles we have to search and capture the flag of the opponents to take it to our base at the same time that we try to avoid that the rivals do the same. It has a competitive 2023 season with standings. In this we can also get competitive points to unlock golden weapons.
  • capture the flag blitz– This is a much faster intense ‘arcade’ version of the previous mode where the flag bases are much closer to the center of the map.

How to get the new ‘skins’ or designs of the year of the rabbit event in Overwatch 2

  • Ekko Kkachi (Legendary): We must complete four of the available event challenges. You can see what they are below.
  • Mei Hu Tou Mai (Epic): for sale in the in-game store for 1,000 Overwatch Coins.
  • Moira Masked Dancer (Legendary): we must see ‘streams’ of Overwatch 2 on Twitch drop them for two hours to get Moira’s ‘The Lion Roars’ Victory Pose. Then we must watch for four more hours to unlock the ‘skin’. We have until January 25 to do so.

To claim the latter we must have linked our account with Twitch.

Challenges and rewards of the year of the rabbit event in Overwatch 2

  • lucky bag: Complete 2 event challenges
    • Reward: Lucky Bag Pendant
  • good luck kkachi: Complete 4 event challenges
    • Reward: Legendary Ekko Kkachi Skin
  • Rabbit Mark: win ten games in bounty hunter mode
    • Rewards: ‘Year of the Rabbit’ spray + 1000 XP
  • the sixth is the charm: Eliminate the target six times in Bounty Hunter mode.
  • lucky rabbit: Win six Capture the Flag matches (Normal or Competitive).
    • Rewards: ‘Year of the Rabbit’ card +1000XP
  • auspicious victories– Win eight games in Capture the Flag Blirz
    • Reward: hongbao souvenir +1000XP
  • catch the rabbit: capture the flag in the mode of the same name (normal or Blitz)

We can also get the reward gamer icon Year of the Rabbit 2023 by logging in Overwatch 2 during the Lunar or Chinese New Year event, until January 31.

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