How to get Valorant Points thanks to Microsoft Rewards

Getting Valorant Points thanks to Microsoft Rewards is something very simple to do, but it requires patience. As many of you already know, Bing and Xbox Game Pass rewards offer us a wallet of points that we can accumulate by doing very simple tasks every day. From searching through the Bing search engine to simply clicking on the options that are given to us on the page itself, we accumulate these points that we can exchange for real money or for different types of virtual currency.

One of these rewards has to do with Riot Games and one of their most famous games, League of Legends, and their prepaid card that adds Riot Points to your League of Legends account. The thing is this card can also be redeemed in Valorant according to Riot Games’ own support, with whom I contacted to verify it. The case is that apparently, if we can redeem this card directly in Valorant, although the conversion rate makes us lose some points.

get Valorant Points thanks to body image Rewards

How to get Valorant Points thanks to Microsoft Rewards

According to Riot Games’ own support, «The rewards appear in RP but we confirm that they can also be exchanged in Valorant for VP, but keep in mind that the price of both currencies is different, so if you redeem, for example, the 100 RP, it will only give you about 75 VPs or so«. So, we would have a conversion rate of about 75 VPs for every 100 RPs, so we would need about 1400 RPs to get the 1000 VPs that the battle pass costs in Valorant.

So, as you can see, the conversion rates of both Rewards points and RPs to VPs are not in our favor, but It is good to know all the ways we have to get virtual coins for our favorite games, even more so when Bing rewards are totally free and everyone can access them. If we add these rewards to those we get with Xbox Game Pass, we will have a good handful of points to redeem, although as you can see, what we are going to need the most is patience.

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