“It’s disgusting”, Auronplay lashes out at Amouranth and questions his participation in Squid Craft Games 2

Squid Craft Games, the popular series of Minecraft Led by Spanish-speaking streamers, it broke it with millions of viewers and became the most successful Twitch Rivals in history. Although details about the second edition remain scant, the controversy has already reared its head.

Amouranth will participate in SquidCraft Games 2, Minecraft event

At the end of January 2022, AleCuatro, one of the main organizers of the event inspired by the Netflix show, confirmed that they are already working on Squid Craft Games 2, although he stated that the wait will be long.

It is estimated that this new edition will open its doors sometime in 2023. While more details about it emerge, El Rubius has already invited streamers to be part of the competition. However, it seems that the community is not happy with one of the personalities that will participate.

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In a recent live broadcast, El Rubius contacted Amouranth, the controversial Twitch streamer. After talking for a couple of minutes and giving details about how the event works, she accepted and will be one of the 200 streamers that will participate in Squid Craft Games 2.

Auronplay attacks Amouranth and its content

The news generated mixed opinions in the community. Many users are happy, but others question Amouranth’s involvement. In the last group we find Auronplay, who did not hesitate to attack the content made by the American streamer.

Specifically, the 34-year-old Spanish influencer criticized the live broadcasts in which Amouranth judges the physical appearance of multiple content creators from Spain and the world. He claims that he finds him “tacky” and “unpleasant.” In addition, he comments that if a man did the same, he would become the object of criticism.

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Although Auronplay expressed his dissatisfaction and questioned the participation of the streamer in the event of Minecraftexplains that El Rubius has the right to invite the personalities he wishes.

“I’m not going there. Whoever Rubius invites, well invite him. I have to respect it. If he wants to invite according to what people, then there he is, ”he said.

Amouranth will not be the only English-speaking streamer participating in Squid Craft Games 2. We say this because xQc, a popular Twitch streamer and former professional Twitch player, Overwatchwill also be part of the event.

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But tell us, do you agree with Auronplay’s statements? Let us read you in the comment box.

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