Kick off Episode 6 with VALORANT 6.0 and the Reveal cinematic

2022 was a great year for Riot Games’ tactical shooter, VALORANT, not only for the competitive side but also for the great content it brings to develop the story behind this game.

In recent weeks, the official VALORANT accounts gave us clues about the next cinematic and who the protagonists would be. However, the wait ended with the premiere of “Revelation”, the new cinematic that begins episode 6.

At first glance we see previews of the new Indian-inspired map, which is being reviewed by Fade. In addition, in other scenes we see more interaction of the recently confirmed couple: Killjoy and Raze. Likewise, we see Sage fighting alone until the arrival of the other agents such as Omen and Jet, which culminates in a scene in which they face off against Astra and Harbor. All of this set to the new song “VISIONS” by eaJ and Safari Riot.

Enjoy the video with the community:

REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic | VALORANT

In addition, the trailer for the new VALORANT map has also been released so you can enjoy a new experience. Its name is Lotus and the short, which presents different characteristics of the map, is called in Latin America “City of Flowers” and you can see it at the following link below:

VALORANT 6.0 Patch Notes

We can highlight that the news at the beginning of the year will be linked mainly to maps, since Lotus will begin its history in the game.

The map will offer a variety of rotation options and its arrival will be progressive, since in Swiftplay you will be able to have an exclusive queue for the map for a week, then it will be in competitive mode and normal map rotation in version 6.1 of the game.

Split will make its triumphant return along with some changes to boost the attack, for example a small platform for exchanges, or the boost box next to the orb to give attackers a new position overlooking site A. Among others that you can review in in full from the full patch notes below:

The patch brings with it different changes that also range from a small modification to the Dark Cloak of Omen, as well as updates to the competitive mode and bug fixes.

City of Flowers // Official trailer of the Lotus map | VALORANT

It should be noted that this map will present different points that will expand the strategies that seasoned shooter players will be able to master, while those who are just starting to play will quickly learn tactics on the mobile tracks that you can find in the previously shared video.

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