KPI reigns alone in the VCL

The LCV already has a solo leader. KPI reigns at the top of the ranking after his desk mate and Rebels did not have a very pleasant afternoon in El Clásico against CASE.

In addition, the fifth day has served so that AYM meets its first victory before a Riders that punctures again and looks more down than up.

KPI knows how to suffer to continue with the crown

B1SK and the rest have had quite a difficult day with ZETA. The Aragonese locked themselves in an Icebox that is always difficult to attack. The Defuseos were the dominant tonic and both played by and for the spike.

The first part, manik he played with the Jett blocking and taking out one of his best games. Opposite, B1SK’s response with his namesake was a recital in the second half. From the 3-9 that the leader conceded, he went on to the monologue of occasions in which the forced defense of KPI earned them to come back and keep the gold medal.

In individual evaluations, B1SK was crowned in the second half with a 4K and an ACE that begins to make the rivals themselves aware of the danger of the Russian.

For this reason and because of the way that KPI orchestra works, the score was 13-10 in their favor and they sleep one more night like the kings of the competition.

AYM begins its comeback

Laporte’s boys achieved their first victory against one of those who was a candidate to be in the playoffs at the end of the season and who is slowly putting out his flame, Movistar Riders.

The riders accumulate four defeats and the latter seems to have hurt more than necessary in the team.

The confrontation against a direct rival and that they have tied the record so early is symptomatology that something is not quite fitting and the problems are being seen more sharply.

The victory of ZeFRy and the rest is more than justified and it is that the 13-8 with which they are crowned came through an offensive slate that collapsed the defense of the riders.

ZeFRy’s Cypher, mrcarrito, and Daniel0 were the triplet that did the most damage and the one that either opened the can (like the first two) or took charge of sweeping Fracture’s yard (the second two).

On the other hand, Vinice and saiko tried to be the metronome and in fact, in the second half the attack of the blue tide made up the 10-2 score in the first half.

The rushes They worked and even the bursting of the spike. However, the little margin to change the fate of the game and being so decisive in the points that they had left ended up being perfect thanks, in part to the 4K that signed mrcarrito at the final point and a great ZeFRy that was full.

Falcons sweeps the losing streak at UCAM

The hawks touch the perfect in another day of the university students to forget. The great season that Guardy and the rest are having is paying off and in Ascent they have managed to distance themselves (with great success) from a Haven that is where they have had their best results.

On this occasion, good defensive positioning, a splendid Guardy and a KILLDREAM that opened the can of each round made his team shine.

The first twelve rounds were marked by five knockouts from the eleven-round spike that were taken before the change of ends. Between the Spanish and the Portuguese, most of their own kills were made and they were the rival’s nightmare.

For his part, UCAM sinned in its attempts to rushingmainly between Famsii and Flickless who couldn’t even place hardly any casualties and on top of that they were among the first to fall, an absolute disaster.

To the 1-11 of the beginning the 0-2 of the second was added to put the 1-13 that returns to place like one of the candidates to the playoffs.

Team Queso melts the Ramboot chips

In addition, the season of the robots is being forgotten. Many of the fans placed Ramboot at the beginning of the season at the top of the table. However, the results are leaving them quite portrayed and more when it is their turn to play against those who have truly taken the favorite sign.

one more day, lowel brought out his best plays and carry the team on their shoulders. Despite the great game of him with the Omen, H1ber with the Raze accompanied the spectrum in the best moments, while Sova from UNFAKE put the first kills of each round.

The unanimous movement of the entire team was worth it to stomp the Haven where Jokes and the rest hardly knew how to react.

The final score was 13-4 with three rounds in the first half and just one in the second, leaving a rather poor performance in a simple match for Team Queso.

CASE closes the day championing El Clásico

By last, CASE closes the curtain of the day with victory against Rebels in what is already known as El Clásico de la VCL.

The negrigualdas took the baton of the party from the first sets. Betting on the spike and with MiniBoo as spearhead, the game was turning in his favor. Of the five points that Rebels took, four of them were due to confusion, but without being able to do more before a forceful rampage from CASE that went with everything to the sites moving the rebels from one side to the other.

Also, ease’s great work with the Omen also paid off being the openkiller and one of those who barely fell as soon as the round was opened, which helped as an informer for his team.

When changing sides, GatsH’s could barely do any damage to CASE’s defenses that moved as a block and closed ranks in their areas. It is true that the only point they could make came thanks to an ACE from jannyXD, but it was of little use other than for show.

However, facing Yurii and Kiles scratching two block kills they complicated the task of the comeback and more when the team was in full swing.

In this way, the 13-6 gave CASE the victory, which takes a Clásico that will serve to recover sensations and look at the upper part of the table.

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