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League of Legends, is an online battle video game, which is developed by the company Riot Games and is inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft.

For this 2023, the competitive season of League of Legends began on Tuesday, January 10, with a two-day event. The LPL, LJL, LCK, LEC, LCS, LLA, CBLOL, VCS and PCS leagues they send their players to create super teams that face off against other LoL rivals in an intense battle on the Rift.

Regarding changes, Riot Games Latin America establishes that the final of the tournament of Opening of the LLA 2023 sIt will be in a face-to-face event with an audience in Chile and it will be presented in a new format with Bo3 series in the Regular Phase.

For its part, the regular phase changes from best-of-one round-trip matches to best-of-three one-way matches. “All teams will face each other in a best-of-three series with the top 6 in this phase advancing to Playoffswhich will continue with the double elimination format that we will implement in 2022 with a positive reception from the public,” says the company.

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best lol players

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

He is known as the best player in League of Legends history. In 2013 he won his first world championship, which he confirmed in 2015 and 2016.

He has four LCK championships, two MSI, and numerous All Star and IEMs. In addition, he has shown that he can play any champion in the game, especially highlighting LeBlanc or Ryze, but going so far as to play Olaf or Irelia in the mid lane.

His entire competitive career has been spent at SKT, and he is currently one of the highest paid esports players on the planet.

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Kim “PraY” Jong-in

This is one of Korea’s most legendary players, who has been a two-time LCK champion and runner-up in the world among many other titles.

In addition, he has been considered the best shooter on the planet. He was competed by Najin Black Sword, KOO Tigers, ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming, and KING-ZONE DragonX.

Gwak “BDD” Bo-seong

Initially he was a midfielder for CJ Entus and then Longzhu Gaming signed him, the team with which he won the LCK, becoming the most consistent midfielder in the league, above Faker.

He is known for his Zed and bringing Azir back to the meta in Spring 2016.

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Gerson “Dye” Brown,

This is a Colombian representative and currently works as the head coach of Infinity Esports, one of the most relevant teams in the competitive League of Legends scene in Latam.

For his part, Dye has cultivated a long career in the LLA, as head coach of the most outstanding teams in the Latin American league.

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