Minecraft: how to play the Classic version for free and legally

In the field of videogames, fashions pass, brilliant, and many titles are buried in oblivion or lose a significant number of players in a few months, in an industry whose overabundance in supply makes it impossible to play everything. However, Minecraft is still there, undefeated as one of the tops in the middle and one of the most played universes made of pixels on the planet. Its 141 million players are proof that the influence of this title goes far beyond what anyone expected when it was released.

The world created by Mojang not only does not lose addicts, but every year it finds new types of public and faithful who want to learn the correct way to create blocks, craft and live in your particular alternative virtual paradise. Logically, there is a question that haunts the minds of many new players. Can you play Minecraft for free?

How to start in Minecraft?

As we already explained to you in another article, there is a different version of Minecraft for the type of player you are. Some pose a more casual experiencewithout the dangers of survival mode, where it is easy to starve or fall under the axes and bites of the creatures that visit the players at night to suck their souls.

Other versions focus exclusively on creativity and construction, with no limit to crafting, material gathering and the thousands of possible combinatorics. In turn, it is also important choose the platform on which the game is accessed, which has versions for PCs as well as for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo machines. It is not easy to choose which version can best suit our character as players and our claims when it comes to dominating this universe of pixels. Minecraft has as many layers as there are ways to play and craft.

How to play Minecraft for free in its Classic version

Much of the new players prefer to try the Classic version. Few games as popular and profitable think so much of their community, and even fewer can boast of having a free version that works as bait for the undecided.

minecraft beginners guide

The main menu of the free versionMojang

For now, the only thing you will need is a PC or a Mac with Internet access Y a browser. It is in the latter where you will run your first game, without the need to install absolutely anything on the hard drive. The best? This free classic version supports online play. You will be able to live the experience accompanied by other players, as lost as you.

  1. To start playing this version, classic, you must access the address: http://classic.minecraft.net.
  2. After a few seconds, in the browser a new game will be autogenerated.
  3. You will access a screen with two sections. The first will give you a link that you can share with other players, under the title: “You are the host. You can invite friends to join you.” In the second section you will have to choose a username.
  4. After clicking the ‘Start’ tab, your game will begin.

This version of the game offers a creative ‘casting’ mode to its minimum expression and greatly limits the possibilities we have when entering the world of Minecraft.

It will just give us some tools to test the different mechanics. We have available a limited number of materials of construction, nine in total (as the number of friends that we can invite to the game). There are no NPCsenemies that attack us, hunger and life barcrafting table, crafting, smelting furnace and everything that has made the game so popular in the last decade.

This virtual universe with the aesthetics of the original is a simple but effective bait for leave us with honey on our lips and invite us to try one of the full versions of the game on the official download website or on our respective consoles. Those who try it always want more.

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