Overwatch 2 Season 3 will have significant changes in terms of rewards

A lot has been said about Overwatch 2 since it was released for free, one of which was the balance of the heroes. However, the lack of tangible rewards for simply playing the game and not spending money is still a common complaint, especially with the Battle of Olympus limited time mode.

Executive producer Jared Neuss previously said that the team was looking at changes to the Battle Pass from Season 3 onwards, along with more “Interesting Challenges” and “More exciting gameplay-focused progression systems.” In a recent tweet, he confirmed that the updates will be coming next season to “help address the lack of reward options.” Details are “vague” for now.

Of course, this could mean anything, so don’t expect Overwatch Coins in the Battle Pass. Season 3 is confirmed to have a new Battle Pass, while the long-awaited PvE content is coming later this year.

Meanwhile, a patch to nerf Roadhog will be out later this month, while the next event, Lunar New Year, starts on January 17 and ends on February 1.

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