Riot considered adding skins to LoL’s jungle pets

hours ago, Riot Games developers revealed the reasons why they had introduced pets in League of Legends. The main idea is to help new players who want to give the jungle a try. It is a kind of visual metaphor so that all users can learn from this role without the added difficulty that we found with the old objects.

As we receive more information on these pets, Riot Games continues to shed light on what they could have implemented in the game. And the last thing has been to reveal that these little companions could have received their own skins. This is how he confirmed it Riot Galaxy Smash through the subreddit from League of Legends.

whatSkins for LoL jungle pets? Riot’s opinion

This is not something unreasonable. After all, we find cosmetics in numerous League of Legends tools: champions or guardians of vision. And if we want to go a little further, there are also the little legends of Teamfight Tactics. There are many skins that we are inside this video game and that as the years go by they continue to grow.

According to him rioter, the idea was to bring out those cosmetics. However, this would imply that they should keep throwing skins for these playmates, something that was not part of his intentions for the future. «Removing skins for this mechanic would mean that it would have to stay in the game forever. This is not something we feel like committing to forever.“, He said rioter.

So when people asked about these cosmetics, the rioter was clear and concise: «We will not release this content«. While it would be interesting content for collectors, there is a possibility that these pets might disappear from the game at some point, which would make these pets disappear as well. skins.

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