Riot Games apologizes for the start of the 2023 season of League of Legends

Riot Games began this 2023 full of novelties for each of its games, especially for League of Legends, with a new event, version, and changes to the LLA. However, the “cinematics” of the 2023 season was not at the level expected by the fans, which has created discomfort and annoyance for its followers.

The MOBA has been with us for almost 14 years, and although it is one of the most successful games to date, it does have its problems. For years the players have argued on many issues, but for several, the last straw was missing.

The season 13 cinematic was disappointing. They changed the epic and great cinematics of champions, for a walk through the rift in HD and sounds of their competitive background. This caused a great stir in networks, since it seemed to only be targeting the competitive one, leaving aside half of the players.

Due to this, Riot Games first issued a statement apologizing and then uploaded a video addressing this issue along with the other things that were a problem. Finally, the executive producer appears, Riot Brightmoonaccompanied by the director of development, Riot Meddler.

In the 8-minute video, both Riot Games executives address all the issues that have been building up to the cinematic. They took advantage of making a space explaining why certain things have happened and what they have in mind for the future.

Riot Meddler said: “The state of the game now, and a long time ago, has not been consistently, nor has it been what it should be. We hear from you and we agree with you. There have been good things, but there are others that have not been«.

current problems by Riot Games

According to the developers, 2022 was a year in which they took care to build and affirm the foundations of the game, be it their experience or the people who work on the title. They assure that: «The team is in a better state now, but the way the game is now reflects how the team was last year.«.

As for the cinematics, they knew it would be a problem, and despite having the equipment and funds to make a good cinematic, they couldn’t do it, as much as they wanted to. They announced that, by the start of the 2024 season, it will once again have a cinematic like the one fans are waiting for.

The next topic they talked about was game modes and events, which they know the community is not satisfied with, because they are repetitive and unoriginal. According to what they say, the team that made the game modes went to work on the creation of Teamfight Tactics, therefore the new team has not been able to assemble as it should.

Although they have not prioritized the creation of a new team, now they have assured that they are ready for action. Also, during the middle of the year we may see a new game mode of four teams of two players facing each other, in a type of round Deathmatch.

Riot Games also took advantage of the instance to talk about how this would probably be the year with the highest overall investment for the developer. In this way, many possibilities will be unlocked for the game with the technological evolution that the developer should have.

This would be pointing to long-term projects, among which can be found how they do the art of the game, create or modify maps or how the anti-cheat works. All this unfolds in a good communication channel with the players, telling and talking about what the team is up to

Finally, they assured that the communication they will have from now on will be much more transparent and continuous. In the same way, we would also have more development diaries to know what to expect for the coming weeks and months.

words that calmed the waves

The video ended by saying that, from Riot, they listen to the community. That when an event is not well received, or something is good, they know it and read it. They appreciate that the players are so passionate about the title and that, as a developer, they know what the players want.

These apologies and status update were very well received on their social networks and somewhat calmed what was the general malaise. But as Riot Meddler rightly says, the important thing here is not the words, but the actions.

The new season of League of Legends has just started and they have a lot ahead of them, from events, champions and changes. Let’s hope that everything said is fulfilled, so that the title has the best reception it can.

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