Road to Elements League: Vandals esports Dominican Republic

After a bitter split in the last Elements League where they found themselves on the brink of contesting the relegation promo, Vandals arrives with a modest team and being listed as the team with the least chance of winning the split.

A squad almost completely Dominican except for their support Sadhu Cavero Egusquiza “224” who is Peruvian, the team is made up of Dominican players who already saw action in the last split. They highlight the return of their midlaner Engel Martinez “Blackengel” one of the best midlaners in the country who returns to the team after his passing through the Curacao team of Fuego and the shooter Sebatian Mercado “Daycrow”, the latter being a rookie in tier 2.

Last season Daycrow showed signs of being the generational relief in the adc position, being the brightest point of the team, even achieving a Pentakill, the second in the league.

Vandals has the hard road of being one of the teams that invested the least in its squad and this could take its toll in a more competitive league that means a direct pass to the regional. Trusting in Blackengel’s experience and the projection of his shooter, will it be enough for the Vandalos to at least enter the postseason?

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