Starfield could be delayed again, according to a rumor

Starfield is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games of the year, especially if you are a gamer of Xbox.

Starfield is one of the main reasons why Microsoft bought ZeniMax (Bethesda) for almost 13,000 million dollars two years ago it will be the real reward, since this one will be exclusive to Xbox Series X | S and PC (day 1 in Game Pass, of course).

Its release date is scheduled for the “first half of 2023”, but Bethesda has never shared an exact release date… and it seems they don’t have it yet, according to statements by the youtuber MrMattyPlaysIt’s safe to have a reliable source.

Starfield could be delayed, but not beyond the summer

On the Defining Duke podcast (via Pure Xbox), guest MrMattyPlays claims to have heard from his source (who previously leaked to him about games like Star Wara KOTOR) that Starfield may be delayed again:

Starfield could get another delay away from the first half of 2023, because it’s still undated. They could do a test and decide that they are ready, everything is still up in the air right now in that sense“.

Therefore, Bethesda hasn’t decided anything yet, and the possibility of delaying it is still up in the air. But would be no further than summer: It would be a short delay, not beyond September.

A good reason to delay the game to summer (July-September) is the accumulation of games in the first half of the year, many of them role-playing games that last tens of hours, like Starfield itself.

nintendo will have Zelda Tears of the Kingdom on May 12PlayStation will have Final Fantasy XVI on June 22and in between there are other multiplatform coko Street Fighter 6 or Suicide Squad.

Not to mention Microsoft’s own games, Redfall and Forza Motorsportboth also scheduled for the first half of the year.

Redfall, from Bethesda (Arkane) is rumored for May, and due to the type of game it is (open world, tens of hours) it is the one that could “step on” the most with Starfield. Yes, Microsoft had a 2022 with very few Xbox games, but now that they are joined by three, why accumulate them?

So unless Microsoft could get Starfield ready for The first half from the first half of the year, in March or April (which seems unlikely due to the lack of news about the game lately), we could deduce that they point to a release in May and June… which could ride into July, August or September.

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