The community proposes big changes to the LoL battle pass

The start of 2023 is not being easy for League of Legends. the lack of a cinematic with champions to present the Season 13 or the different balance problems with which the players have been found are the great proof of this. In addition, the LoL battle pass has not caught on with the community either and, for this reason, they have decided to propose to Riot Games some changes in order to correct some of the problems they face.

All this occurred, once again, through the subreddit from League of Legends. Many players showed their discontent with this battle pass and they believe that Riot Games should modify a few aspects. According to many, the battle pass has not changed at all since the developer implemented it and, therefore, many say that the developers should work on updating it as soon as possible.

Should Riot change the LoL battle pass once and for all?

According to many, players need to spend many hours playing matches if they want to come close to completing the LoL battle pass. On the other hand, the rewards are laughable for many. And it is that both orbs and capsules they do not guarantee that you will get any skin related to the theme from that same battle pass.

What solution do many propose? Something similar to the Fortnite battle pass, where players receive content related to that pass and the final gift is a prestige skin. Purchasing the battle pass would provide coins that the players could change for the content that they choose in each of the levels of the same. This will give more opportunities for play for a reward that is not random and does not force you to play for the sake of playing.

Through this system, players may notice less mental exhaustion when playing, since the pass will not force them to spend their time on Summoner’s Rift, but rather play as long as they see fit.

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