The Ibai and Piqué team signed for the first time after the explosive controversy of Ajromantto

KOI, the team of content creators of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué, has been questioned about the great controversy generated by the frustrated signings of Ajromantto, Isawelaa and Kuro. After confirming that none of the candidates will finally make it to the team, Sergio Ferra has been selected as commentator and content creator dedicated to Valorantthe shooter free-to-play from Riot Games.

“The most important news of my life,” he announced on Twitter shortly before announcing the bombing. “Before I go to sleep I would like to go back to thank the treatment and the opportunity that Ibai Llanos and the KOI team have given me. I am speechless at the great reception and all your messages. I plan to work like an animal, as I always have. 2023 is the year.”

The announcement has been accompanied by a video, in which the caster He pretends to be considering various career options. In the end, he follows his heart and chooses to join KOI. Sergio Ferra, also known as Frenezy, has extensive experience in the field of casting: Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, FIFA… and now also the King’s League of Ibai and Piqué.

Three frustrated signings

Isawelaa and Kuro confirmed on their respective accounts that KOI had decided not to sign them despite being chosen as the team’s new content creators. Llanos himself referred to this issue and explained the reasons why the incorporations have not crystallized. According to the Biscayan streamer, the selection process has been “a fucking disaster” from beginning to end.

The truth is that the house of cards has fallen because Ajromantto, one of the selected content creators, posted misogenic and harassing messages against streamers. Once the bomb exploded, the shock wave has been in charge of taking away everything else.

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