The latest League of Legends trailer has been so disliked that Riot has had to apologize and explain why it is so

Riot has already published the trailer for the next season of League of Legends, The Edge of Infinity, and this one has worried more than excited the fans.

It is known to many that the League of Legends trailers are usually very exciting and epic. However, the video that Riot has presented for the new season of the game it separates a lot from the videos we have seen so far. In it we can see a camera that travels to all corners of the League of Legends battlefield for two minutes… and nothing more.

Here’s the new League of Legends trailer:

If we take a look at the comments that fans have left on YouTube, we see that many of them they are negativeand they even compare this year’s video with the one they published in 2022: “After the 2022 cinematic, I can’t even begin to explain how disappointing this year’s is”.

“I can’t help but feel sad about this, honestly. Cinematics were the one thing that never let Riot down, but here we are…“says another user.

Others claim that Riot is leaving League of Legends: “The most honest cinematic video Riot has ever released, reflects the exact state of the game, abandoned and emotionless“.

Riot has had no choice but to respond to all these negative comments via Twitterwhere he has shared a thread to apologize to the community and explain what happened to this cinematic.

“This year there were some circumstances that made us choose an alternate approach to the Season 2023 video. However, we believed that he could still embody the wide universe and competitive spirit of League as he celebrated the start of a new season. But we have listened to your comments, and we want to acknowledge that [el tráiler] did not hit the target“.

The study also acknowledged that they should have been “more forthcoming” with the community to avoid player disappointment and the “feeling” that they were leaving the game.

“We promise to bring you more details about what that investment looks like in the days to come. We really appreciate your passion and feedback, and the success of LoL would not be possible without your dedication. Thanks“.

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