The new season ‘Back to the Club’ arrives at eFootball 2023

  • International commitments are over. Mid-season MVPs, club icons, and league events return to the “Dream Team.”

Konami has announced today the launch of the new season: “Back to the Clubs”. The fierce competition between teams on the international scene has come to an end, and the battle for glory returns to the clubs.

In eFootball™ 2023, users can experience the excitement of a variety of international leagues through various “Dream Team” events. The players who were active in the first half of the season and the players representing their clubs will appear one after another during the period in the “Dream Team” mode.

In addition, a European league-themed “Challenge Tour” event will be held, in which users can get stellar rewards if they pass the event conditions. The “eFootball™ Championship Open 2023”, an official eSports tournament open to all users, is scheduled to kick off on January 30 to match the excitement of real-world football as we head into the second half of national seasons.

Tempers and rivalries heat up with new “Derby Days” in eFootball™ 2023!

Check out the new Trailer below:

Active players from each European league will appear in the game:

  • Epic: Manchester United – Don’t miss your chance to get one of the best strikers in the world listed as “Epic”. More players from each national league will appear as “Epic” throughout this season!
  • Back to the Clubs – Active players will appear in the European leagues during the first half of the season.
  • Club Icons – Players representing their clubs will be highlighted.
  • Club selection: Tottenham WB – Players from the main European clubs will be featured. *Players from each club will continue to appear for the next six weeks.
  • Derby Day – Milan: Players from the target clubs of the Derby Match will appear

Let’s boost your “Dream Team”! Enjoy challenges and themed tours around the European leagues:

  • European Club Championship
  • Tour Event – ​​English League

The Lunar New Year campaign includes a special login bonus for the new season.

Don’t miss the eFootball™ Championship 2023 from the end of January:

  • eFootball™ Championship Open 2023 – Anyone who has created a “Dream Team” can participate in the game.
  • The world finals:
    • They will be held offline for the first time in 3 years.
    • They will be broadcast in streaming to the whole world.
    • They will be held not only in the console section, but also in the mobile section.
    • From online finals – Professional players will be joined by those taking part in the eFootball™ Championship Pro-2023.

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