The TCG of Scarlet and Purple brings back the Pokémon EX, and… the Teracrystal Pokémon arrive!

The pokemon TCG keep getting new letters periodically. A good example is the pokemon go expansion which was released last year. Now that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple have seen the light of day, the cards of the new generation are not going to be difficult.

Precisely today I come to talk to you about the new expansion of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple of the Pokémon JCC. And it is that we already know his release date and first details. I will tell you everything calmly below, although I already anticipate that The former Pokémon return and the new Teracrystal Pokémon arrive.

Scarlet and Purple expansion of the Pokémon JCC: release date and first details

This is the information we have for now:

  • This new expansion will be released worldwide on March 31st. 🗓
  • The former pokemon return, but with a novelty. Now, they will not only be Basic, but also creatures that are in Phase 1 or Phase 2. ❤️
  • In addition, new ones are added Pokémon ex Teracrystal. These will follow the same rules that we always have, with the novelty that will not take damage while on the bench. ❗️
  • Another important piece of information for those of us who love the art of the Pokémon JCC is that the cards of the former Teracrystal Pokémon will have Embossed artwork to highlight your teratypes. 🎨
  • we will have back the cards with expanded illustrations and bright colors. 🎨
  • We can also find Rare Illustration and Rare Special Illustration cards that show how the Pokémon evolves and its personality. ⭐️
  • To finish, I leave you with some of the most outstanding letters of this new Pokémon Scarlet and Purple expansion:
    • 12 Pokémon ex of Double Rare rarity, including two former Teracrystal Pokémon (Arcanine and Gyarados). ✅
    • 12 Pokémon ex of Ultra Rare rarity and 8 Supporter cards of the same rarity. ✅
    • 24 Pokémon of Rare rarity Illustration. ✅
    • 10 Pokémon and Supporter cards of rarity Rare Special Illustration. ✅
    • 6 gold embossed cards of Hyper Rare rarity, which may include Pokémon ex, Trainer, and Energy cards. ✅

And here comes the information about the new expansion of Scarlet and Purple of the Pokémon TCG. What do you think? Are you more of admiring these cards or playing with them? I invite you to leave your preferences in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you that “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple“He has already presented what will be his valentine eventwith tandemaus like a big star

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