The two tanks that dominate the midlane in patch 13.1

We’ve been with him for a week. League of Legends patch 13.1 active and there are already several champions who are dominating each of the lines. The tanks are being a real headache for many players. So much so that in the central street they have not gone unnoticed either. With all this, most players have opted for two champions of a more tanky role that are dominating this mid lane.

We talk about Singed and Zac. Various item changes added to the current mid lane metagame have pushed these two champions to the top of the line. The radiant virtue It has been the definitive impulse to appear as a priority in this lane and in the event that a team stays with one, in most cases the other appears as a rival.

Zac and Singed, the two characters that break LoL patch 13.1

With this mythical object, both champions have their maximum health increased by 10%. In addition, they also have a chance to heal their allies and increase their ability speed. This allows them to stay outside their lane throughout the match, moving to the rest and helping their teammates. Faces are hardly seen and what they seek is to force skirmishes in other parts of the map.

Now, Singed adds 54.98% of winrate from Platinum+while Zack reaches a 54.21% winning percentage. These are completely crazy numbers that Riot Games will have to keep an eye on in future versions. And it is that playing in the central lane today is something practically impossible unless you use a champion of this style.

For now, Riot Games will implement the patch 13.2 the next Wednesday January 25. From then on we will see the big ones buffs to the AD Carries and there we will discover if these champions lose priority or remain in this same state.

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