This is how the VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo 2023 works


prepare your Tshirts, flags Y favorite broadcastthe competitive of VALORANT It is just around the corner. The VCT: LOCK/IN São Paulo is closer than ever and a little less than a month from its start we already know its format. The inaugural tournament of VALORANT 2023 will begin, as we already knew, the February 13th and it will be the kickoff of the new season. The VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo has already sleepless its format, this as always, hand in hand with Riot Games. We invite you to meet How will this new tournament work?which will be the first sample of the franchise teams.

The VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo It’s very, very close. A few weeks after its start in Brazil, the tournament receives the most important information of all, its format. Riot Games presents the tournament format kick off from VALORANT and surprise everyone with this one. The VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo it will be a tournament direct elimination by means of a key 32 teams total.

The surprising format of VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo 2023

As we already knew from the last announcement, this tournament will have as participants the 30 franchise teamsthe 10 from each region. Now Riot Games confirms that 2 more will be added to these 30, these being FPX Y Edward Gaming, guests of the Chinese division. Now these 32 teams they had to arrange themselves somehow to face each other in the tournament. The format proposed by Riot Games has been more than surprising, with a 32-team bracket and direct elimination.

brace VALORANT LOCK IN São Paulo

Each of the two keys will house 16 teams with an initial of 8 matches. This tournament will be very different from all since from the beginning each team will have its continuity in it at stake. The initial encounters and until the semifinals will be best of three (Bo3). while the semifinal and the Final will be at best of five (Bo5), resulting in the champion of the VALORANT LOCK/IN 2023.

Although this tournament has a lot hype, the community has already reacted with surprise to the new format. The VALORANT LOCK/IN São Paulo will show for the first time 30 teams of franchises and the two Chinese representatives in 2023. Although this is something that generates a lot of expectation, the format will play a trick on some. A defeat in the tournament will mean abandoning the same, so many teams will have one or two series to teach themselves, at most. On the other hand, the winners will be the teams that they will be able to show off more. While missing out on big teams or our favorites early on isn’t much of a motivation, this tournament is a kickoff for the franchise seasonwhich will be the great jewel.

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