This new Overwatch 2 skin is driving some players crazy: “pay to lose”

Some Overwatch 2 players claim that the new Widowmaker skin, Medusa, has sounds that can destroy anyone’s game.

As Kotaku reports, some gamers are taking to their social media to complain about one of the new Overwatch 2 skins, more specifically, from the Widowmaker Medusa skin. According to them, the sound of snakes in your hair makes it easier for the enemy to find you and makes it harder to hear enemies as they approach.

This is the case of the player Brian St. Pierre (Kephrii), who published on his account Twitter a video for demonstrate the disadvantages of getting this skin.

“Medusa’s new skin is so loud that actively punishes you for using it. Not only can’t you hear the footsteps of the enemy, but you can’t hide either. The enemy team can hear the Medusa skin’s snakes/hairs and pinpoint your location.”

Despite Kephrii claiming that Widowmaker’s skin is a clear “pay to lose”, other players do not agree with your opinion. They go so far as to affirm that the games are very dynamic and have all kinds of sounds, so the hissing of snakes remains in the background or third planethat is to say, you can’t even hear.

In addition to Widowmaker’s Medusa skin, In the Overwatch 2 store there are three other skins inspired by Greek mythology: Reinhardt Minotaur, Roadhog Cyclops and Lúcio Hermes. These skins will be available until today, January 10. This afternoon, the store will be updated with new packs and skins.

Overwatch 2 players can now experience Battle for Olympus, a new TvT mode where players must fight against each other for victory. There is a total of seven characters availablecounting all of them with skins inspired by Greek mythology and with new abilities.

This event will be available until january 19. You can earn free rewards by completing challenges and leading your favorite character to victory so that Overwatch 2 will honor them in the form of a statue for Ilios. As for the Lunar New Year event, this will start on January 17.

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