Valorant: The key dates for the launch of the new map

Valorant’s 2023 is going to be pretty busy. In addition to the objectives of reducing toxicity, eliminating smurfs and trying to attract new players, the shooter tactic will also present new agents, maps, battle passes, skins or the long-awaited tournament mode. The first thing that will arrive will be a new map since both Bind and Breeze will be out of the maps that we will find in ranked and competitive.

The arrival of the new Episode is on January 11 And with this map, a new map will land, along with a remodeled Split, which returns after being out of the game for several months. To open our mouths a bit, and as an appetizer, the official Valorant accounts published a trailer with Fade as protagonist and that it has already filled with hype to many users.

The roadmap for the launch of the new Valorant map

ValueLeaksone of the most important data miners in the Valorant sector, published the three important dates that all fans of the game should follow. shooter tactical. In addition, and unlike other games or events, we will not have to wait long, because in little more than a week, these three dates will already have been fulfilled.

  • Trailer release date will be Thursday January 5
  • It will be playable on PBE this weekend.
  • The Tuesday January 11 the new map will be released to the official client

Everything indicates that Riot Games will do as in Pearl or Fracture, which leave a way solely and exclusively to play that map either alone or with your friends, to be able to practice it and know all the ins and outs that it will have. In the meantime, you will have to wait a few days and see how your favorite content creators, or through our website, give you all the details and will let you know in detail the two new additions that will come to Valorant in this new Episode.

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