All the nominees for the CS:GO HLTV Awards

At the end of the year, almost all ecosystems like to remember the best moments of the season, so the community of CS:GO it would not be less. In this case, the contest will be organized by the prestigious website of HLTV and will feature some of the leading figures from the international scene. The gala will feature up to six notable awards In addition to revealing the Top 3 of the famous ranking of HLTV. This Show will definitively close all of 2022 and will be the beginning of a 2023 that will officially start with the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

The HLTV Award Show It will take place this Saturday, June 14 and will feature illustrious protagonists of the scene. Most of the attention falls on awards like the highlights of the year, the rookies most notable, and the best team and player on the scene, both female and male, but there are many more. Quiet! You do not have to vote, because all these positions have already been chosen by different experts such as journalists from HLTV, professional players and protagonists of the scene. However, until this Saturday we will not know all the winners of these highly viral community awards.

Awards Nominees HLTV of CS:GO

  • highlights of the year: m0NESY vs. MIBR | ropz against G2 Esports | broky vs astralis
  • Rookie of the Year: m0NESY, Patsi and w0nderful.
  • Best player of the year: Ana, Olga and vilga.
  • Best Women’s Team of the Year: Nigma Galaxy, FURIA Fe and CLG Red
  • Team of the Year: FaZe, G2 and Natus VIncere
  • Best player of the year: ?

These are the most important categories of the contest in which there are some prizes that seem clear. Undoubtedly, Nigma Galaxy and FaZe should be chosen as the best team of the year, while m0NESY has been the rookies of 2022. On the other hand, until this Friday, when the Top 4 is revealed, the podium that will occupy the best players will not be known. Everything indicates that these three positions will be occupied by s1mple, ZywOo and sh1ro, AWPers from NAVI, Vitality and Cloud9 respectively. The HLTV Award Show It also has the following awards:

  • Anchor of the year: NAF, Perfect and sjuush.
  • AW Per of the year: sh1ro, s1mple and ZywOo.
  • IGL of the year: Karrigan, Jame and cadian.
  • opener of the year: Niko, stavn and YEKINDAR.
  • Closer of the year: Ax1le, KSCERATO and ropz.
  • Coach of the Year: B1ad3, RobbaN and sAw.
  • Best quintet of the year. ?

All these prizes will be awarded this Saturday January 14 on the channel twitch of HLTV. It will be the last content related to 2022 and will mark the start of a highly anticipated new season, but in which there have not been as many changes as expected. Since ESPM News We will collect all the winners who come out during this contest expected by the community. Would you have liked to vote for yourselves or better so to avoid controversy?

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